The below spreadsheet is the tally of most of the additional expenses incurred in the effort to repair the damage that Big Bike of Jacksonville did to the V. As I said in the story, I didn't want to nickel and dime Keith Berryman. I only wanted to make right a wrong. So some expenses are not listed because I had lost the reciepts.

Note the sheet is in Date order, so some of the Subject Line information will seem out of order. As for the four Reasons marked as "N" for no reciepts. I have proof of purchases noting my presence in Tampa on that day; some of them done at BDM Tampa.

Date  Expense   Reason Reciepts
5/13/2008 $3.59 Tax charged to me for above work Y
5/31/2008 $7.98 Spark plugs installed by Big Bike Jax Y
5/31/2008 $2.99 3/8" union pipe (replaced the OEM check valve) Y
5/31/2008 $37.50 Labor cost Y
5/31/2008 $2.63 Shops Supplies for above work Y
6/19/2008 $22.99 .031 intermediate jet (S&S) Y
6/19/2008 $2.95 #74 main jet Y
6/19/2008 $1.89 1/4 x 20 x 1, Chrome flat head Y
7/19/2008 $7.98 Spark plugs installed by Big Bike Jax Y
7/19/2008 $15.00 Labor to check oil pressure (light flickered due to ck valve removal) Y
7/19/2008 $1.05 Shops Supplies for above work Y
BDM Tampa repairs from this point forward
8/16/2008 $70.00 Estimated gas to deliver bike to Big Dog Tampa (tranny) Y
8/16/2008 $245.92 Purchased 2 trailer tires (roadside) in Brooksville, FL Y
Estimated gas to view bike, take pictures & get parts (tranny) - no trailer N
$35.00   340 miles/20mpg=17 gallons x $2.059=35.003
10/11/2008 $210.00 New transmission case Y
10/11/2008 $95.00 Estimated gas to p-u bike after tranny replacement (with trailer) N
10/11/2008 $9.95 Primary fluid Y
10/11/2008 $13.95 Spectro synthetic (transmission fluid) Y
11/24/2008 $7.67 Spark plugs I bought so Tampa could read them (excess gas/oil, heat) Y
1/23/2009 $95.00 Estimated gas to p-u bike after valve guide replacement (with trailer) N
1/23/2009 $9.70 Spark plugs installed by BDM Tampa after valve guide replacement Y
1/27/2009 $5.32 1st certified letter to Big Bike (signed for by Joe Whitten) Y
3/16/2009 $95.00 Estimated gas to deliver bike for valve guide & one-way valve replacement N See work order date
3/27/2009 $5.32 2nd certified letter to Big Bike (signed for by Todd Hunn) Y
4/3/2009 $15.00 Small Claims packet  Y
4/3/2009 $1.09 Parking fee to get Small Claims packet Y
4/11/2009 $95.00 Gas to p-u bike after one-way valve install (3 rects $32.00, $30.00, $33.00) Y Used as gas usage guage
4/11/2009 $5.00 One way check valve replaced by BDM Tampa Y
4/23/2009 $4.94 Printing of pictures of tranny Y
TOTAL $1,125.41

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