On 24 July 2011, I went to Motorcycle Parts Warehouse for the auction. As soon as I pulled in I saw Keith turn and look at me. He turned and went back to his business. I wandered around in his shop for a little while and watched the auction. On my way to the door I went by the counter and Keith was sitting there. I went to him and said hello. He was friendly and reached out to shake my hand. We talked for a few minutes about his shop closing and life in general. As I turned to walk away, I handed him one of my business cards. I saw him look at it.

I was outside and was about to start my bike when he came out. I was about 20 feet from the door, and there were some other people outside also.  His first words when he exited the building were, “You know what sucks? The coward that doesn’t even try to talk to the other person.” He was referencing the fact that I didn’t allow him an opportunity to fix the damage done while my bike was at his previous shop (Big Bike of Jacksonville) on March 2008. I gave them 7 chances to fix a simple air/fuel mixture and they failed at it.  I told him that I did speak to him and also Silas. Silas told me to speak to Keith, and Keith opted to ignore me thinking I would go away like the rest of his unhappy customers. He said, “We went to court and you won.”  He then continued on stating that I’m vindictive and am holding on to this. Our discussion wasn’t loud or rude, but it was childish for him to call me a coward in front of the other people and then support that a few times by saying “You didn’t even have the nuts to come and speak to me.” Good Christian Keith, real nice.  While walking away, he told me he was going to sue me on slander charges. All the other people heard the conversation. During my ride home, I thought to myself…Interesting he had money to close one shop and open another, and now hire attorneys to battle a website. But he didn’t have money to pay another authorized Big Dog Dealership to fix the damage caused by him and Silas. That incident in March 2008 could have ended entirely different. However, he opted to save a few bucks and ignore me.

 Anyway, I waited patiently for his latest business venture to fail, and it did. Economy didn’t kill Motorcycle Parts Warehouse, his following did. Or should I say lack thereof. 

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