If a person kicks in the door of a car for whatever reason (vindictive or just simple vandalism), that’s a criminal offense and they can be arrested and will have to pay restitution immediately. However, in my case, because of the way the law is written, vandalism for profit is not a criminal offense. Hence, the perpetrator is not arrested nor does he have to reimburse the victim at all…even if the victim wins the Small Claims case, which I did. Now, if I wanted to try and get the money from Keith Berryman that was awarded me by the judicial system of the United States of America, I would have to petition the courts to place my name on the list with other people owed money by the business owner (loans, liens, lawsuits, so on) and have to wait for him to sell or file bankruptcy. If there is enough money left over, THEN I get what’s awarded me. Now keep in mind that I have to spend more money to petition the courts. That money is not in the original award given me. Hence, I take more financial losses to make right a wrong.

I’m going to see if I can change the law. It’s going to be a very long and tiring journey, but I truly hope that everyone reading this supports me. Please sign your name in the guestbook (1st page) and state your thoughts if you support my next adventure and believe that change can be made to better protect society from unscrupulous people. Thank you.

Keep returning to this site as I will continue to update it with the steps I’ve taken in a pursuit of a better judicial system.

                    My steps to make a change to better protect the consumer:

20 December 2009 - Joined ABATE Duval. Briefly discussed my case and idea with the Treasurer. She gave me some names to contact. She said she would also forward my idea on to her people in ABATE.

13 January 2010 - I received an email stating that the ABATE member that oversees legislative concerns has been in discussion with lobbyists since 7 January 2010. In that same email, I was invited to present my thoughts and desire to change the way the awarded party is reimbursed to the rest of the ABATE members and anyone else attending the meeting on 23 January 2010.

21 February 2010 - During an ABATE meeting, I spoke about my incident with Big Bike of Jacksonville, the lawsuit, the website, and my interest in changing the reimbursement policy regarding small claims cases.

15 June 2010 - Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was pulled away from the quest I have been speaking of. However, today I emailed the State Legislative people directly requesting time for us to talk about this and what we need to do to make the change happen.

11 September 2010 - Since I never received any reply from the State Legislative people, and after a lengthy search, I emailed my House Representative (Bill Proctor) and requested assistance in making the change.

14 September 2010 - Representative William Proctor replied stating they will read my story and will see what can be done regarding my interest in changing the law.

23 December 2010 - After a few unanswered emails, I called the District office and spoke to one of Represetative Proctors assistants. She had me email her directly and she would see that the appropriate people re-investigated my interest in making changes.

20 March 2011 - After a few emails and a couple phone calls to Representative Proctor's cell phone, I was finally able to speak to him. He explained to me that he is not able to present anymore change requests (called Bills) at this time. I found through another State employee in that field exactly what the process is. They tell me to start contacting my representative in the Fall and they select and present the 6 chosen Bills. From that point it is discussed within many commitees and may evenutually reach the Govenor for final signing. At that point is it written into law. So I wait until the Fall and start this process all over.

4 August 2011 - I made an online petition to try and influence our Representative, Bill Proctor.

22 Oct 2011 - I sent my idea to my Representative Bill Proctor. As before, I explained what happened to me and also supplied him with the link to this site. I dont have many signatures on the petition now, but hopefully my dedication will sway him to pass this through.

26 Oct 2011 - The following is from Bill Proctor.

"This is in response to your message of the 22nd.  As I may have explained, as Chairman of a major committee (education committee), I am prohibited from filing single member bills.  Any bills which I introduce must be committee bills and they must pertain to education. 

Accordingly, I recommend that you contact another member of the Clay County Delegation who may be willing to introduce legislation addressing your concern."

I will seek out the Representative for my area send them my interest.

31 Oct 2011 - I did a search on the Representative site for Florida, and it still states that Bill Proctor is my Representative. I called thier office and spoke to his assistant. She explained the situation and recommended that I send my idea to every Representative and hope someone else will pick-up my interest. There are 121 Representatives in Florida...this is going to take a while.

25 April 2012 - I emailed our areas new Representative Mike Weinstein. It was a short message asking him to review this site and let me know if he deems it worthy to become a viable bill. 


4 June 2012 - I sent another email Mr. Weinstein asking if my previous email was received.


11 June 2012 - I called and left a message on Mr. Weinsteins phone requesting a return call. Lynn Carmichael returned my call a couple of hours later. She was kind enough to take the time to explain to me that the Representatives are not in a position to take on anything as they are lobbying for seats for next year. She recommended I wait until April of 2013 to contact them. I explained that I have been persuing this for three years now and fail to see why someone that can help isn't supporting this. Ms. Carmichael explained that a Bill normally takes 4-6 years.            So I guess there is no reason to blast every Rep in the state; I wait some more.


10 Oct 2012 - I spoke to Tim Morgan of Morgan & Morgan Law Firm (Jacksonville, FL). He was kind enough to spend about 15 minutes with me listening and explaining what I could do in a possible appeal to the courts. However, he did agree that my only way to change the reimbursement law was to go through my area representative. What I learned from my time with Mr. Morgan was (the following are not his words) that since I am a blue collar worker and I dont have the money to push my ideas or ways through the system, I just must take it as it is. Its been four years now and I've gotten nowhere. Ill keep the site alive, but will cease my petition and efforts to change the reimbursement law. I'm tired of fighting a battle by myself for everyone.

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