The story you read on the first page was only about the year long process I went through to get my bike fixed. Now I would like to share with you the details that I didn’t mention because it doesn’t pertain to the court case because punitive damages (pain & suffering) is not recognized in Small Claims cases. This section is about personal losses, not monetary. It’s about how not only did I get screwed financially and emotionally, but so did other innocent people.

I didn’t mention the fact that my Lady and I had to get up at 4:00am on numerous occasions to get ready so we could trailer the bike to Tampa by 9:00am.

I didn’t mention the fact that all that time wasted dragging my bike around the state to get fixed could have been spent with my Lady or son enjoying Mother Nature and all she has to share.

I didn’t mention the fact that I had to buy a trailer hitch, and had to increase the maintenance on the truck because we had to drag 1500lbs around the state.

I didn’t mention the fact that I loss time at work, or had to waste away my vacation days to get my bike to or from Tampa.

I didn’t mention the fact that all the above mentioned money plus the money spent to advertise this site and the fight to change the law is money I could have placed in my sons college account. Or money we could have spent on enjoying life’s little adventures.

I didn’t mention the mental stress this has laid on me or my Lady, or the emotional stress this has played on my relationship.


A simple action impacts so many people on so many different levels. With that being said, please look beyond the surface and choose your options wisely. Again, thank you for reading my story.

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